Destructive Shadow

destructive_shadow.challenge.zip —


This track is located out in the desert and includes tunnels and loops and more jumps :) This continues on from my first track: Overkill, and it based around the same idea; there are still massive jumps and it is quite challenging. You need to be very wary and cautious as there are alot of surpirses waiting!



  Created By Patrick121

This is my newest and 2nd released track, continuing on from Overkill,
and it took around an hour or an hour and a half to create it!
It's a very long track (3 minutes or so... long enough) and is mainly
designed as a stunt track, but you need to be very cautious because
there is a lot of surprises in it. ;) Enjoy.

Easy enough to install:
Simply extract Destructive Shadow.Challange.Gbx to:
Then go to Challanges in-game and it should be there!

If you want to contact me about this track email me at:
patrickmcelwee at hotmail dot com. 
Please tell me what you think of my tracks and how I could improve them
at all. It would be greatly appreciated ;) Thanks.

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