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Designed for Track Mania United The story With world population ever growing, Santa Claus finds it more and more difficult gett...


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File Description

Designed for Track Mania United

The story With world population ever growing, Santa Claus finds it more and more difficult getting everything done by himself. He's looking for assistants - reckless drivers in this case. You are to race on a challenging track of Santa's own design. Do well, and you may be considered. The track is not meant to be hard to understand; it is meant to be easy to learn, challenging to master. Even so, if you think you could benefit from track specific or general Alpine/Snow environment tips, park behind the start and Santa will contact you and walk you through the track. Good luck!

(Yes, I know this all is a bit silly, but it's what I came up with. )

The MT INTRO: Relatively short one, showing two different routes from the last checkpoint to the finish and a couple other things.

IN-GAME: The mentioned track walkthrough feature. Many people would call this a "GPS", even though that's misleading. There's a twist though: As the story goes, Santa designed the track, and will himself also guide you through it. This is a completely optional feature, activated by going in reverse from where you start. This is supposed to look something like this (provided you get the 7KB of custom stuff - more on that later): (That's his greeting, he'll have more sensible stuff to say after this ).

OUTRO: Indeed the track has one, and IMHO it's pretty cool .

The custom stuff - Two MediaTracker images, including locators. - Download this (only 7KB!), and unzip in folder "My Documents\TrackMania United\MediaTracker\Images" - If the game is running when you unzip the files, you may have to restart the game for them to display correctly. - I highly recommend getting this stuff, even if you're not interested in the "guide". There is some "easter egg"-like (whatever that means) MT in the track, which won't be very cool without these two images. For example, at the start of the race, try going left instead of into the tunnel...

Good luck and play safe.

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