Graphics Enhancement Preset



Find the new lighting system in Train Sim World 3 makes everything look incredibly washed out, especially on UK routes?

These reshade presets fix that by adding some better contracts and dynamic range, without loosing details in shadows. It removes that bright "film" over especially UK routes, and makes them much more enjoyable.

It includes two presets, one for "General" (TSW3 routes) and one for "Preserved" (TSW2 and earlier routes) - as the General preset is too dark for preserved routes, which use a different lighting system.

How to Install

1. Install ReShade, using the instructions by clicking here
2. Extract the zip file and paste the two .ini files into \Train Sim World 3\WindowsNoEditor\TS2Prototype\Binaries\Win64 folder

How to Use

Once installed, press the Page Up key to enable or disable the effect. Use the HOME or END keys to switch between the General and Preserved presets.


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