Train Simulator goes 64bit in 2019 Update

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Published by FileTrekker 4 years ago , last updated 4 years ago

Great news for fans of Dovetail Games' long running Train Simulator, the long-requested 64bit support for the game will be coming later this year in their annual update, Train Simulator 2019.

Currently at version 2018, the game started life back in 2008 as Rail Simulator, before becoming Railworks and later evolving into Train Simulator. While the game is well known for it's expensive DLC, famously adding up to the tens of thousands of pounds for the entire collection, the main engine has always been given a free update year on year.

Development on the core game engine had believed to have been stopped, however, with Dovetail Games' new Train Sim World being the up and coming successor to the long running sim, and the last few years not having any major updates to the core game code or engine, only new routes and locomotives.

It was a surprise therefore to learn in an announcement today that 64 bit support will be coming to the game in the 2019 update later this year. Long requested by the community, the current version supports only 32bit and therefore is constrained by a 3.5GB memory limit.

The new 64-bit version will allow modders to create longer, more detailed routes, with more AI and a much more stable game engine. While the update to 64bit will not improve the graphical appearance of the game, which, while solid, is starting to look a little dated, what it will do is allow the game to take full advantage of the system hardware, which should result in a smoother game and performance.

You can read the full announcement on Dovetail Games' site here.

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4 years ago by Chandra Paul

I would really like to give this a try. This looks so real!Ā