(BR 80s) 14:17 Bangor to Cardiff - 33042 - 8th May 1985

BR 80s 1417 Bangor to Cardiff 33042 8th May 1985.rwp


Today is the 8th of May, in 1985, and you are in charge of the 1V06 14:17 Bangor to Cardiff, from Llandudno Junction to Crewe, via Chester, with 33 042 at the helm.

It should be an easy run, stopping at every station between Llandudno Junction and Chester, and then fast through to Crewe. 

This scenario started out being based on the actual timings for the 1V06 service between Llandudno Junction and Crewe, but I soon found out that line speeds have increased somewhat since 1985. 

According to the 1985 timetable, the service wasn't due to arrive at Crewe until 16:24 - but now, based on the physics within Train Simulator, the service now arrives at 16:04. So I have had to play loose with corresponding AI trains - re-timing a few of them, to make sure that everything fits into place, and adding some others for good measure.

To run this scenario, you will need the following content:  

  • DTG North Wales Coastal: Crewe - Llandudno Route Add-On
  • DTG West Coast Main Line North Route Add-On
  • DTG Class 101
  • DTG Class 33
  • DTG Class 45
  • DTG  European Loco & Asset Pack 
  • DTG  BR Blue Pack Loco Add-On 
  • AP Mk1 Coaches
  • AP Mk2 Coaches

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