Class 455/8 & /9 - Southeastern Re-Skins

Here is a pack of reskins for the Class 455/8 and Class 455/9, this pack contains 3 versions of each Variant,Southeastern Yellow Door and Gr...


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File Description

Here is a pack of reskins for the Class 455/8 and Class 455/9, this pack contains 3 versions of each Variant,

  • Southeastern Yellow Door and Grey Stripe
  • Southeastern Blue Door and Grey Stripe
  • Southeastern Dark Blue variant. 

(the first two based on the Class 508 while the last one based on the Class 375 new livery)


For Class 455/8 Class 455/8 Southern

For Class 455/9 Class 455 Thomson Interactive

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Download '' (31.02MB)

About This Version (1.1)

Version: 1.1

Released: 16th September 2019 7:06pm

(For 455/9 see file there are two readme files)

If you have installed a prior version of this pack you will need to copy over the Geo files again, if you don't this will give you issues spikey things (possibly), and may not work. 



This package is provided in .rar compression format. To unpack, use Winrar, 7-Zip or similar and extract the .rwp package, putting it in an easily accessible place such as your desktop. This file can then be installed using the TS2016 Package Manager. 


Here is a pack of reskins for the Class 455/8, into three Southeastern Liveries, including Southeastern Grey Stripe + Yellow Doors, Grey Stripe + Blue Doors and a Dark Blue livery (based but not 100% on the new 375 livery & the Class 508 that wore the southeastern colours)

The reskin is listed in the editor as follows.

Class 455/8 DTSO SE Dark Blue (or DTSO or MSO or TSO) (Blue)
Class 455/8 DTSO SE Blue (or DTSO or MSO or TSO) (GreyStripe - Blue Doors)
Class 455/8 DTSO SE Yel (or DTSO or MSO or TSOL (GreyStripe - Yellow Doors)

Includes a non Driver Version of each Driver carriage.


Install the provided .rwp file using the TS2016 Package Manager which can be found by using the Utilities.exe at Steam\steamapps\common\railworks, then....

1, Extracting the AP File (Skip to step 2 if you have already done this)

Newer content from Steam is provided in an .ap file format which contains all of the relevant files. When installing modifications to this content, the required contents of this .ap file have to be unpacked first. This can be done in a number of ways, but I will give instructions using 7-Zip which can be obtained here, for free:  Other archivers such as WinRar should also perform the same task.

Navigate to Steam\steamapps\common\railworks\Assets\DTG\Class455Pack02\  and right click on the Class455Pack02Assets.ap file, navigate to 7-Zip and click Extract Here. This will then place all of the folders in their correct location and look exactly how the content used to. If you only want to extract the RailVehicles folder for the purposes of installing this reskin, right click, navigate to 7-Zip and Open Archive. You can then select the RailVehicles folder and drag it into the open folder.

2, Copying over the GeoPcDx files

Copy the files named 455_DTSO.GeoPcDx, 455_MSO.GeoPcDx and 455_TSO.GeoPcDx found at...


and paste this into the following location:-


Then copy the file named 455_DTSO_Passenger_view.GeoPcDx found at...


and paste this into the following locations:-


Go back to Assets\DTG\Class455Pack02\

If this location contains a blueprints.pak file, delete this. Don't worry, a new one is created when the program is loaded.

Once in game, in order to place this new consist in a route, you need to activate the Class 455/8 in the object filter by selecting DTG\Class455Pack02

The reskin should now be listed in the editor as described above.


Original Class 455/8 model and textures by DTG
Tweaks to textures by Daniel Leach

© Daniel Leach 2017

Distribution - You may host this file anywhere, however if possible please let me know that you have hosted this file and also please give credit to me for the reskin :)

Also Thank you to Darren Porter for letting me use his format of Readme for the AP File instructions.

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