FT's Graphics Enhancement Mod

TS Graphics Mod.zip


This mod adds some new graphical effects to Train Simulator 2019, using Re-Shade, including warmer colours, depth of field and high dynamic range effects, better light bloom and lens flare effects. It works quite well with pretty much all weather conditions and scenarios, but should be disabled when using the menus, if you don't like the DOF effects disable tilt shift effects, and warmer colour pallet can be adjusted with the tint option in Re-Shade. Looks best in cab views.



FileTrekker's Train Sim 2019 Graphics Enhancement Mod

Thanks for downloading! Installation is pretty simple;

1. Download Re-Shade from this URL: https://reshade.me/
2. Launch the Re-Shade Installer, and select your desired Railworks.exe (32bit or 64bit) file from your \steamapps\common\RailWorks, use Direct 3D 9.0
3. Once installed, extract the FT GRAPHICS ENHANCEMENT.ini to your \steamapps\common\RailWorks folder
4. Launch Train Simulator, press SHIFT + F2 and in the ReShade menu, select the FT GRAPHICS ENHANCEMENT preset.
5. Enjoy!

Created by FileTrekker - 2018
Exclusive to GameFront.com, not to be uploaded elsewhere!

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