ICE 3M (406) + New ICE 3 (407) DB Green



A pack of reskins for the DB BR 406 and for the DB BR 407, this pack contains 3 reskins based on the Green stripe ICE 3 (wasn't on a 406 but since we don't have a 403) and New ICE 3:

DB BR Green - ICE 3 M (406) - Standalone ICE 3 Pack -
DB BR Green - ICE 3 M (406 - Mannheim to Karlsruhe -
DB BR Green - New ICE 3 (407)


ICE 3M (standalone) - https://store.steampowered.com/app/208283/Train_Simulator_DB_ICE_3_EMU_AddOn/ 
ICE 3M (MK) - https://store.steampowered.com/bundle/959/The_Rhine_Railway_Mannheim__Karlsruhe_Collection/
New ICE 3 (407) - https://store.steampowered.com/app/861887/Train_Simulator_DB_BR_407_New_ICE_3_EMU_AddOn/ 





This package is provided in .rar compression format. To unpack, use Winrar, 7-Zip or similar and extract the .rwp package, putting it in an easily accessible place such as your desktop. This file can then be installed using the TS2019 Package Manager. 

Updates - 
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This is a reskin of the DB BR (Standalone) 406 - ICE 3M, into a DB Green Stripe version.

The reskin is listed in the editor as follows.

ICE3M Green A or H - Driving
ICE3M Green B - G trailer

Includes a non Driver Version of each driver carriage.


Install the provided .rwp files using the TS2019 Package Manager which can be found by using the Utilities.exe at Steam\steamapps\common\railworks, then....

1. Install the provided BR406-3M-Green.rwp file (any of them that you'd like) file using the TS2019 Package Manager which can be found by using the Utilities.exe at either of the below locations (replace X: with the hard drive it is install on) or open the .rwp file with 7Zip and extract to the below folder. 

X:\Program Files\Steam (x86)\SteamApps\common\railworks\ 

X: being the Hard Drive that your train sim is located. 

Go to: \Assets\RSC\ICE3Pack01\ Open the ICE3Pack01Assets.ap file with 7 Zip or similar. 

2, Copying over the GeoPcDx files

Copy the following files ICE3_Driving_A.GeoPcDx, ICE3_Driving_H, .GeoPcDx, ICE3_Trailer_B.GeoPcDx, ICE3_Trailer_C.GeoPcDx, ICE3_Trailer_D.GeoPcDx, ICE3_Trailer_E.GeoPcDx, ICE3_Trailer_F.GeoPcDx, ICE3_Trailer_G.GeoPcDx found in the ap file in the following location. 


and paste this into the following location:-


Go back to \Assets\RSC\ICE3Pack01\

If this location contains a blueprints.pak file, delete this. Don't worry, a new one is created when the program is loaded.

Once in game, in order to place this new consist in a route, you need to activate the Class 406 in the object filter by selecting RSC\ICE3Pack01\

The reskin should now be listed in the editor as described above.


Original BR 406 model and textures by DTG
Tweaks to textures by Daniel Leach

© Daniel Leach 2019

Distribution - You may host this file anywhere, however, if possible please let me know that you have hosted this file and also please give credit to me for the reskin :) (and DTG for the original model)

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