Railworks 3: UKTS Freeware Pack - Great Scenario Challenge #1



Freeware pack locomotives and rolling stock for the default routes (so you won't need to buy any DLC for this to work) although you will need to download the train packs from here (http://flightsim.filefront.com/info/UKTSTrain - but you may need to press refresh a couple of times for them to show unfortunately due to the server errors) (all of which are show in the gallery link below). All of which have been well made and kindly contributed to this pack by the authors and have gladly given permission for this site to host the files.There is also a Manual for this file here with a lot more information :) - http://www.uktrainsim.com/FreewarePacks/manuals/GSC1.pdfThis site is pleased to host the UKTS Freeware Packs, Each pack is part of a community project started by members of the UKTrainSim community. Their aims are simple: Build up a bank of resources for the community by combining skills and working together. Make the packs simple and straight forward to use and available for everyone. For more details of the packs available and how you can get involved vist the dedicated Freeware Packs website. There are also lots of pictures for this pack here, although far too many to post for this file! (Click Here) Do I have the latest pack installed?Every time you install a UKTS Freeware Pack it will automatically check to see if a more up-to-date version is available and warn you if you are trying to install an obsolete pack. A small utility called UKTrainSim Freeware Pack Updater is also installed with every pack. This utility will allow you to quickly and easily check if updates for any of your packs are available. It also lists packs that you do not have with straight forward links to click and download them.You can also come back here and download the latest packs too as we will update our downloads when the packs are updated. How can I find out what is in this pack?A gallery of images showing the items available in each pack can be accessed by visiting: Uktrainsim.com Freeware Packs Galleries A Google Documents spread sheet is available which gives further details of all the rolling stock included in each pack. View Google Documents Spread sheet CreditsSpecial Thanks go to all these people who have contributed to this pack670161S811985adman500almarkAndyM77antsimkinsgorby68ItbladeKromaatikseLeaf85manormadmanmichaeldonopjt1974RudolfJan


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