UKTrainsim Freeware Pack - UK Steam #1

This Pack was previously hosted on Filefront's Flight Sim website which has since become Gamefront, I have reuploaded it's most recent up...


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This Pack was previously hosted on Filefront's Flight Sim website which has since become Gamefront, I have reuploaded it's most recent update due to website updates and changes.

More info on the UKTrainsim Freeware Project (from 2014) -

This pack will require the European Asset Pack, as well as the US Asset Pack on Steam, however, if you have had Train Simulator since Train Simulator 2012 and before (includes Railworks and Railworks 2) you won't need these packs.  For those who have Train Simulator 2013 onwards you will require those packs, however, they have been included with the following add-ons -

Original Railworks Routes, Berlin Wittenburg, Canadian Mountain Passes, Chengdu – Suning, China Clay, Colton & Northern, Cologne – Dusseldorf, Doncaster Works, Edinburgh to Glasgow, Falmouth Branch, Fort Kent to EagleLake, GARL, Granfield Branch (Class 111), Hatchet Hill Quarry, Mosel Valley (Koblenz – Trier), Ohio Steel Route, Pfäffikon SZ-Landquart, Portsmouth Direct Line, Portland Terminal Route, Rascal & Cottonwood, The Port Road, The Story of Forest Rail, Woodhead Line, WCML North, WCML Over Shap or Western Lines of Scotland

UK Steam #1

A fantastic collection of steam locomotives including a Black 5 Preservation Pack by BristolCastle which feature new sounds with realistic fade and new chuffs etc. created by 92212 (Matt). This pack also includes various reskins of Kuju steam locomotives.

A link to contents of this pack (Gallery) -
A Link to the Manual -

UKTS Freeware Packs and Credits

This site is pleased to host the UKTS Freeware Packs, Each pack is part of a community project started by members of the UKTrainSim community. 

Their aims are simple: Build up a bank of resources for the community by combining skills and working together. Make the packs simple and straightforward to use and available for everyone. For more details of the packs available and how you can get involved visit the dedicated Freeware Packs website.

These packs would have been impossible without members of the community generously donating their time, energy, skill and expertise to the project. My thanks go to Mike Simpson for his indispensable RWTools, David Richardson for his design skills and Matt Peddlesden for his support. Kariban and Kromaatikse have done incredible work with rolling stock physics and many others have offered help and assistance along the way. Without you all this would not have been possible. Donations for this pack were received from (alphabetical order):

  • 30777
  • 92212
  • adburgess1992
  • BristolCastle
  • briyeo1950/briyeo
  • caldbeck 
  • Digital Traction
  • kevmt 
  • partyspiritz
  • Will

Version History

1.1.2 - 24th September 2013

  • Updated Content:

    • Corrected missing cab view in a number of Black 5's. Thanks to markpullinger for reporting the issue

1.1.1 - 23rd May 2012

  • Updated Content:

    • Fixed missing textures on some of the kngtrains Jinty, Ivatt and Stannier 2P. Thanks to Ian for reporting it.
    • Corrected wrong names for Stanier 2P 0-4-4T. They were named Ivatt�s by mistake
  • Additional Content Added:

    • Added in Aspinall Tanks and 6 wheeled carriages

1.1.0 - 23rd December 2011

  • Renamed all items using the new naming system
  • Reduced uninstall footprint significantly by storing data separate to installer code
  • Updated Content:

    • Updated KNG Jinty to latest version (UKTS 27380)
    • Updated Black 5's by BristolCastle and added some additional variants

1.0.4 - 2nd October 2011

  • Added version history to manuals
  • Fixes to registry utility button
  • Improved version detection script to prevent installer crashing
  • Tweaks to updater program
  • Warning popup added to uninstall routine informing users that removal of rolling stock may prevent scenarios which use them from working
  • Added new version of updater program
  • Modified installer to allow packs to contain the same asset if needed
  • Additional Content Added:

    • 2 new Black 5 skins and a tender by 30777 which use the improved sound set

1.0.2 - 17th August 2011

  • 1st public release.

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Download 'UKTS_27138_UKTS_Freeware_Pack_-_UK_Steam_#1_v1.1.2.exe' (64.21MB)

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