Tribes Vengeance

The Empire and the Tribes have been split asunder. They fight as much over land and resources as they fight for revenge - the endless war has begun. But when a war spans generations, it becomes a moth...

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Contest Files test file

This file was added only for testing purposes. Please disregard


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Tools And Utilities PoisonOaks' Scripting Guide

Learn how to Script T:V in minutes - Modify explosions, trails, jetpacks and skins easily. Click on the screenshots to enlarge them.


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Maps Levels Missions Tribes Vengeance - Ascension Map

Blood Eagle and Phoenix battle it out over a deserted Imperial outpost.


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Maps Levels Missions Tribes: Vengeance - Map - MP-Blindside (Beta)

Map is beta, but pretty much complete. I spent so much time on this map, I figured I better not just let it sit on my harddrive. So here's w...


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Maps Levels Missions Tribes: Vengeance - MP Gigant Map

A new multiplayer map featuring several game modes on a wide open terrain. Imperial troops and Blood Eagle warriors face off against one ano...


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Maps Levels Missions Tribes:Vengeance - Nervosa

A multiplayer map for Tribes: Vengeance supporting CTF anf fuel game modes. Set in a barren wasteland.


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Tools And Utilities Tribes: Vengeance - World Machine Terrain Files

This file contains all the macros for generating standard terrains for T:V in World Machine.


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Modifications Tribes - Vengeance: Excessive

Excessive TV is a mod that's all about craziness. If you have ever played Mr. Pant's excessive mods for Unreal Tournament, UT2003, UT2004, E...


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Modifications Tribes - Vengeance: UltraVL Mod

And now for UltraXL. I first created UltraXL for Starsiege/Tribes using the Ultra-renegades3 mod as a base. I added many unique rules and we...


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Modifications Tribes Vengeance - Mutator Mod

A small mod with new wepons and unlited flight with the new packs


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Maps Levels Missions MP-Emerald with bots Version 7.1

The MP-Emerald map with bots.


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Maps Levels Missions MP-Fort with Bots Version 5.1

The map MP-Fort with bots.


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Maps Levels Missions MP-FeignedBeliefs with bots Version 1.1

Map FeignedBeliefs with bots.


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Modifications TRIBESai Mod Version 1.1

The TRIBESai-mod and a few bot maps.


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Maps Levels Missions MP-Isle with bots Version 1.1

The map MP-Isle with bots.


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Maps Levels Missions MP-Tropics with Bots Version 1.1

The map MP-Tropics with bots.


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Modifications MP-Template Map for Bot maps

This is a template to create bot maps for the TRIBESai mod.


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Modifications TV-Bots todos

The doc with all infos you need to create your own Tribes map with bots.


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Maps Levels Missions Nervosa Map

An 8-32 player map that supports CTF and Fuel modes.


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Maps Levels Missions Arecibo v1.0 Multiplayer Map

A multiplayer map from Andrew that features CTF, Fuel and Rabbit game modes for Tribes: Vengeance.


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Maps Levels Missions MP Damocles Multiplayer Map

A multiplayer map for Tribes Vengeance that supports the CTF and Fuel modes.


CTF Rundown

Rundown is a large map that allows for very high speed. each team has access to 1 rover, 1 fighter, and 1 bomber assult ship. it takes pla...


Maps MP-Fission

Teams: Imperial, Phoenix Player Spawns: 16 per side Recommended Player #s: 8-32 Supported Modes: CTF, Fuel, Rabbit, Arena Default Mod...


Death Match Guillotine

A very small map with underground bases for both teams, above-ground flags, and a large wall between the two bases. The bases have four e...


Death Match MP-IceRidge

IceRidge remake, made by FugitivePuppeT and Tom Servo. Used T2's terrain.


Death Match MP-Indoor Tactical Arena

Finally an all indoor close quarters map that keeps you thinking faster on your feet. The more you play the more strategies you can come up...


Miscellaneous Tribes Vengeance Tools Beta

This is the Tribes: Vengeance Editor and Mojo (imagine flash but in 3D for making cut scenes). They are currently in beta and unsupported. U...


Miscellaneous Corrected Tribes Source Code

The beta Dev kit released the Tribes source code. This download is a corrected version of the source code to Tribes Vengeance, that will now...


Miscellaneous Colored Disc Trail + Explosions

Name says it all. Used to change the color of your disc trails and explosions to one of seven colors. The colors are as follows: Aqua Da...


Weapon BoDeansFX for T:V

Recolors of the Grenade / Spinfusor Disc / Mortar trails as well as recolors of Spinfusor / Mortar explosions. Seven colors are included as...


Death Match Xtremeski 3 18+

Final version of Xtremeski 3 have fun. 18+ for a reason.


Death Match Krutch

This is a WaledIn remake with a few T:V twists. Made by FugitivePuppeT.


Death Match MP-Dusk

The Pheonix and the Imperials battle it out on a tropical wasteland. Each team has 4 mines, 6 turrets, 2 inv. stations, 2 repair s...


Death Match Aeroena

A great Arena map here, almost like some kind of suspended flying fortress. The gameplay is great on this map so its well worth adding to th...


CTF Golconda

The Phoenix and Blood Eagles fight on a snow-covered mountainous planet. Each team starts with two bases: a bunker-like base at the flag sta...


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CTF Home World

No comment was given in the maps readme.


Maps MP-Pagouros Island

A tropical island setting.Email me at [email protected] if you have any problems or suggestions for this beta version. Thanks!


Arena Helioarena

T:V Map Helioarena Gametype:Arena Map Author:Zio Original map created by Flying Elmo Installation instructions: Place MP-Heli...


Maps Trial Nexus

This is single player edited level modification to ensure any player can pass the trial level with ease! I admit that I've had difficulty...


CTF Mp Dusk

The Pheonix and the Imperials battle it out on a tropical wasteland. Each team has 4 mines, 6 turrets, 2 inv. stations, 2 repair stations...


CTF Neworld Final Beta

I think the map skis much better now after the terrain has been resized to better accomodate game physics. The flags are suspended with el...


wallpapers Fan Art

Here is a good collection of fan art it is superb collection worthy of anyone’s desktop


Mutable tools T:V Art Guide

Hi, ah new file for you it’s got considerable amount of tools form weapon skins to weapon models them self and character models multi-player...


Demo Single-Player Demo #2

Experience a small sample of the storyline in Tribes: Vengeance's single-player game that recently named "Best PC Story" of 2004!...


CTF Park Final

The basic idea behind this map was to give the players a playground environment which utilizes the game physics for a unique style of...


Death Match Incursion

Blood Eagles and Phoenix are fighting in an old Phoenix base.


Total Conversions Excessive T:V

Hi people I’ve new mod and information, it’s similar to Mr. Pant's Excessive Overkill mod should be quite interesting Enjoy!


Patches Starseige : Tribes patch 1.2

A new patch this is verson 2 don't forget you need Version 1.1.1


Patches Starseige : Tribes patch

This is yet another patch for the orignal tribes game Warning: In order for you to use this patch you must install all of this patches pred...


Patches Starsiege: tribes patch

This patch addresses a couple of client and server bugs. These are listed at the end of this file. The complete history of changes since ve...


Mapping StarSeige : Tribes map updates

This updates your maps for Starsiege : Tribes (the orignal tribes game) Other updates for the game orignal tirbes game will fallow to-day a...


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Unknown Ssc map pack 3

What we have here is : SSC Map Pack 1 Bunker Command, Among the Ruins, Fall of Aiur (All revised) SSC Map Pack 2...


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Arena Mills map pack 7.0

A set of maps for the StarSiege game I hope you like them


info Starsiege manual

This is the manual for the StarSiege Tribes (Published in 1998) for the Tribes games so here is the manual like all good manuals it is infor...


CTF Escalate

Imperial troops and Blood Eagle warriors face off against one another across a blasted and desolate wasteland. Once home to many and varied...


CTF First Blood

This map is the Firstblood singleplayer map remade for a multiplayer arena experience.


CTF Rights

Long ago the Imperial thought they had it made. They became fat with success. Unknowing that the Pheonix was tunneling toward their fancy pa...


CTF SkY DomE ColiseuM-Final Version

Final Version of the SkY DomE ColiseuM!


Arena Roller Coaster

This is a remake of the classic map Rollercoaster.


Death Match Desert of Doom

Once home to the long-dead race known as Titans, this world now rages with tribal combat. The Blood Eagle and Phoenix tribes have setup...