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The RenWer X team have released a preview of the upcoming TribesV mod. They have released many screenshots showing stuff that will be in the mod and alot of information to do with the mod also. You can see some of the screenshots below. Here's what they said:
Radar System: We will be changing the radar system to a more T2/T1 style radar instead of the all knowing style of TV. This will include pulse sensors, sensor jammers, motion sensors, and more. Inventory Station: All deployables, packs, and weapons will come from an inventory station, similar to the way it was in T2/T1. This was a necessary change to support the amount of deployables in Renegades. Vehicles / Vehicle Spawning : A vehicle station like T2/T1 will be replacing the TV style of vehicle spawning to allow for a wider range of vehicles. Beacons/Special Abilities : In Renegades for Tribes 2 each armor had a special ability beacon that allowed them a unique advancement. For example the Alien had a cloak beacon which when used would allow him to cloak for 15 seconds. This will be returning to Tribes Vengeance, however the abilities will be adjusted. Armors/Weapons/Deployables: Be ready to see many of the old Renegades weapons/armors/deployables making revamped returns along with some new ones! For more information join us in our chat this Sunday(19th) at 8 pm EST on channel: #RenWerX or just join us by using our online chat at that time here.
Head to the RenWer X website to find out more details. Don't forget to check out some shots below.
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