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The StarSiege 2845 team has again released some new updates which announces that they have now complately stoped useing the TribesV engine. Here's the announcement they made:
There's good news and bad news. The bad news first: After considering all the options and possibilities, we're putting the kabosh on releasing the ATR we were working on for T:V. Reasons for this are many, we very carefully weighed the pros and cons of the issue, listened to community feedback, and in the end we felt the negatives were far more numerous than the positives. Therefore as of yesterday we have put aside all work on that aspect of the project, archived it, and reassigned everyone to new tasks that pertain to our new engine and direction. I realize this decision will probably anger some of you, however please understand that there are issues at work here that in our opinion require we do this, and that this was not in any way a casual decision on our part. In our opinion, releasing the ATR for T:V would end up causing platform identity issues, pull our most experienced coders away from helping us make the transferral to Torque, and in the end hurt the project much more than help it. So, there it is...In the end the final call was mine, so if you need a target for your wrath feel free to use me. Don't blame the staff. Now that we have that out of the way, time for the good news... We believe that we can have a more functional, robust, and professional looking ATR done in Torque in a few months. If you have seen the pictures of the Badger and Emancipator I have posted in my journal on the main site this past week and read the accompanying text you'll understand where I'm coming from with the above statement. We also have gotten infantry in-game and partially working as well, though I haven't posted any pics in regards to that yet. All this was done in a week. By way of comparison, it took us several months of wrangling with T:V's code to get us almost to the same level. Therefore we have set a new release date of late April for an ATR using the TGE. This is the older version of the Torque engine so a lot of the graphical bells and whistles will be missing from what you will see in the final version, but I have a feeling most of you won't really care about that at this point. And no, you shouldn't need to buy anything. In closing, I'd like to say we are very aware that a lot of you have been hanging on with this project for a long time. We apologize for the length of time and the twists and turns this project has taken. Believe me when I say most of these changes were unexpected by us as well and there have been situations over which we had no control that required us to do things we did not foresee. Thanks for hanging in there with us as we go through these changes, we think you'll feel the final product will more than fulfill your expectations and reward your loyalty.
Sad news for many Tribes fans alike. This is pritty much the only active mod I know of for Tribes so it's a big shame to see them changing engines but we do wish them the best of luck!
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