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The StarSiege: 2845 website has been updated with some news of new models they've done. Some pictures of the ATAEM-V "Badger" (FAV-9) model they've done have been released. The Badger series of trucks are all-terrain, all-environment multipurpose utility vehicles designed to carry passengers and infantry supplies despite the worst Mercurial heat, Venusian acid, Martian dust, and outer system cold. Badgers can be outfitted for a variety of missions, but increasingly popular is the fast attack vehicle configuration with 40mm autocannon. In this configuration, designated FAV-9, the Badger is ideally suited to armed reconnaissance missions, since the autocannon’s coaxial camera can double as a short periscope. Even more important in the eyes of the infantry, though, the autocannon gives Badger drivers the firepower necessary to deliver critical supplies to men and women in the very midst of combat. See below for the models that they have released. Head to the StarSiege: 2845 website to find out more details about this.
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