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The Starsiege 2845 team has released a huge update on what will be happening with the mod in the future. They have also released many ingame screenshots. Here's the update that they released:
ATR Update As previously announced, the release of the ATR has been pushed back to late February. I'm just making it official here. We're almost on the last day of January and still no patch, mentioned before we are for all intents and purposes holding for that release. There's more though so continue reading. It has come to our attention that a majority of people are of the mindset that what we are releasing is the equivalent of a beta. Our concern is no matter how many places and times we say "It's an Alpha" people are still going to be expecting a more polished product than the very basic sample we had originally intended to release. This is called "being a victim of ones own publicity". In our opinion releasing the simplistic product we had originally invisioned would be severely detrimental to the popularity of this project, because 90% of the people simply won't bother to RTFM and understand the difference between an alpha and a beta. Therefore we have gone back to the woodshed and are working hard on adding more features than we originally intended and tightening things up to a more polished looking level. This may take even longer than the end of February, but for now we think we'll make it in time. The Final Release Cutting to the chase, we're going to be releasing this project in two parts. A multiplayer game first, and the single player campaign game at a later date. To be frank there are several big reasons for this decision, but let's just settle for one reason for expediency and say at our current speed it will simply take us too long to get to the final if we try to wait and release both MP and SP at the same time. There are several big pluses to us taking this route. The MP side will take far less time to get ready for obvious reasons, and it will give you the public something to amuse yourselves whilst we work on and polish the campaign. It also gives us a nice cushion of time to make sure the campaign is perfect and possibly do things like rendered cutscenes and such. All the staff can be focused on the SP instead of dividing our time up between that and MP. We'll also be getting constant feedback on bugs and other balance issues while we are working. Level Pics Here's some pics from a couple of the levels we're designing for the ATR, from Venus and Mars to tide you over for a while. Before anyone asks no neither of those planets are featured in the campaign. You will only see these (and a few others) in the ATR. They show off the visual style (Human only) and a few of the almost 200 level design objects (buildings, turrets, consoles, props, etc.) that we are currently working on adding. Keep in mind all of this is WIP, and a lot of it will probably be changed depending on feedback we get from the ATR. But it's a start. For Cybrid stuff you'll have to wait for the final product, there will be none in the ATR. There needs to be some mystery and surprises after all.
We are really looking forward to the release of this mod! The team is doing a great job, keep it up! Head to this thread to give the team your support. Pictures can be seen below.
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