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Ok, here's the straight scoop. Bad news first. Obviously we are behind schedule. We've had some departures of key personnel in the last few months that have given us some setbacks. Some of you may recall me previously mentioning the issues we had with some of the former members of the coding team bailing on us which kind of left us hanging. We also lost a few people from other areas, primarily due to day job conflicts. There was also the expected learning curve problems associated in making the transition between engines. And we've unfortunately also had some health issues that have slowed down some of the remaining staff, including yours truly. To reiterate something I've mentioned elsewhere, I'm no longer going to be setting hard release dates going forward, because every time that I do something invariably happens that takes critical people out of the loop and puts us behind schedule. It's like fate conspires against you as soon as you open your mouth. So as far as the release date all I'm going to say is "soon". now that we have all that bad news out of the way let's move to the positive. We are still chugging along and making forward progress, just slower than we had hoped. But it is definately moving forward, and things have (finally) started picking up very nicely the last couple of weeks as our coding team has finally gotten their feet under them in regards to completing the switch to Torque and the mindset changes required. Morale is good, things are happening. And we're getting ready to do another big recruiting push this weekend to pick up some needed personnel. Here's a quick and basic overview of our latest build and where we are at: Tools added -updated particle editor -made various engine performance optimizations -incorporated the Synapse Gaming Lighting Pack -enabled utility functions that control metrics and rendering modes to aid the mappers -various sound fixes, tweaks, and upgrades Code -infantry in game -first phase of weapons in game -cloaking in game -teleporters in game -gui up and running -hud roughly 50% up and running -turrets in game -car type (badger) vehicle in game -first phase of gametypes/objective in game In progress -get tanks and hercs in game -make all vehicles final (except for tweaks) -make all weapons final (except for tweaks) -include and make all components final (except for tweaks) -make the HUD final (except for tweaks) -make all the game elements final (scoring, objectives, inventories, etc) -make gui final (except for tweaks) Since we are currently working with the older TGE, we've also had to go back and redesign all our level design architecture to work within its current graphics limitations, so most of what you will see in the ATR maps will look quite different than what we showed in T:V. We will still be keeping this same thematic style when we move to TSE but things will of course be much more detailed. Some examples:
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