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Death Match

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All Files In Tribes Vengeance Death Match
Death Match Desert of Doom

Once home to the long-dead race known as Titans, this world now rages with tribal combat. The Blood Eagle and Phoenix tribes have setup...


Death Match Incursion

Blood Eagles and Phoenix are fighting in an old Phoenix base.


Death Match Aeroena

A great Arena map here, almost like some kind of suspended flying fortress. The gameplay is great on this map so its well worth adding to th...


Death Match MP-Dusk

The Pheonix and the Imperials battle it out on a tropical wasteland. Each team has 4 mines, 6 turrets, 2 inv. stations, 2 repair s...


Death Match Krutch

This is a WaledIn remake with a few T:V twists. Made by FugitivePuppeT.


Death Match Xtremeski 3 18+

Final version of Xtremeski 3 have fun. 18+ for a reason.


Death Match MP-Indoor Tactical Arena

Finally an all indoor close quarters map that keeps you thinking faster on your feet. The more you play the more strategies you can come up...


Death Match MP-IceRidge

IceRidge remake, made by FugitivePuppeT and Tom Servo. Used T2's terrain.


Death Match Guillotine

A very small map with underground bases for both teams, above-ground flags, and a large wall between the two bases. The bases have four e...