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Maps SmOkkin' Joe Map Pack

This Map Pack includes fixes for Frostbite (CTF), The Gap Version 3 (CTF, Ball), and Dropzone Wasted(CTF), as well as the newest map Arctic...


Maps Trial Nexus

This is single player edited level modification to ensure any player can pass the trial level with ease! I admit that I've had difficulty...


Maps MP-Pagouros Island

A tropical island setting.Email me at if you have any problems or suggestions for this beta version. Thanks!


Maps MP-Fission

Teams: Imperial, Phoenix Player Spawns: 16 per side Recommended Player #s: 8-32 Supported Modes: CTF, Fuel, Rabbit, Arena Default Mod...


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FINAL RELEASE: -Renamed from Feign V to Feigned Beliefs -more terrain adjustments -terrain painted brand new -only one rep pack in each...


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CTF Acheron

Acheron is a map for 4-32 players. There are two bases, each with a generator, a sensor, inventory stations, and an emergency station. Both...


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CTF Scarabrae

BloodEagle & Imperial battle it out over Lush terrain, Each have There own Giant bases with the Flags barried deep within. With Many Passag...


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CTF Frostbite

The Children of Phoenix and the Imperials duel it out in a cold bitter environment where even the water is so cold that it kills. The Childr...


CTF Coliseum

This map is based on the single player map coliseum. This map contains both the capture the flag and the arena version of this map. If you h...


CTF Minotaur

A beta version remake of a unique Tribes 2 map.


CTF Arctic slope

A new map for you it’s kind of frozen Unfortunately it don’t come with a read me Enjoy!


CTF Authority

I don’t actually know what this map is but it looks like some kind of power plant, missile silo or some idiot’s bank account (no offence mea...


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CTF Frost Bite

This is a map and I don't have a clue what it is sorry


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CTF Beggars Run

The map is highly optimized and runs as fast or faster than the retail maps (on my system at least - your mileage may vary). The terrain...


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CTF Spiridan

Changes: -Made inventory area for CTF completely enclosed with barriers. -Removed 1 turret from each base. 2.43...


CTF Authority

This map is loosely based on 2 of my favorite Tribes 1 Arena maps (Arena Under the Hill & Safe Warm Place ) This is pri...


CTF Utopian Territory

Changes: -The entire middle territory for ctf is gone.


CTF Feigned Beliefs

T:V Map Based on Feign (T2)


CTF SkY DomE ColiseuM-Final Version

Final Version of the SkY DomE ColiseuM!


CTF Rights

Long ago the Imperial thought they had it made. They became fat with success. Unknowing that the Pheonix was tunneling toward their fancy pa...


CTF First Blood

This map is the Firstblood singleplayer map remade for a multiplayer arena experience.


CTF Escalate

Imperial troops and Blood Eagle warriors face off against one another across a blasted and desolate wasteland. Once home to many and varied...


CTF Park Final

The basic idea behind this map was to give the players a playground environment which utilizes the game physics for a unique style of...


CTF Neworld Final Beta

I think the map skis much better now after the terrain has been resized to better accomodate game physics. The flags are suspended with el...


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