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Total Conversions UltraVL

The first mod in the UltraXL lineage is the StarSiege/Tribes modification, Insomniax. This mod was the spawning point for most of ideas fo...


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Total Conversions UltraVL

The newst version of the UltraVL mod! If you like this mod then download it and check out what new changes have been made.


Total Conversions Excessive T:V

Hi people I’ve new mod and information, it’s similar to Mr. Pant's Excessive Overkill mod should be quite interesting Enjoy!


Weapon BoDeansFX for T:V

Recolors of the Grenade / Spinfusor Disc / Mortar trails as well as recolors of Spinfusor / Mortar explosions. Seven colors are included as...