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Official Releases World Machines

This archive contains various World Machine data files used in the creation of some (but not all) Tribes: Vengeance maps. These are not sup...


Demo Single Player Demo

Download the single-player demo of Tribes: Vengeance. In it, you play as Daniel, the leader of the Children of the Phoenix. He has come to t...


Demo Multiplayer Demo

The ultimate high-flying, multiplayer battle experience has returned. The Tribes®: Vengeance Multiplayer Demo comes complete with four thril...


Demo Single-Player Demo #2

Experience a small sample of the storyline in Tribes: Vengeance's single-player game that recently named "Best PC Story" of 2004!...


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Others MSN Messenger

A set of Avatars for use with the MSN Instant Messenger service The avatars are of various characters form the game I like them dowload th...


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Others AIM Avatar

This is the same avatar pack form MSM but it's for AIM


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Patches Tribes: Vengeance Retail Patch

This file updates the English language version of Tribes®: Vengeance to version 1.01. It includes general updates and is required for online...


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