Two Point Hospital gets Interior Design Tool & Workshop Support

By FileTrekker 4 years ago, last updated 4 years ago

I absolutely adore Two Point Hospital, the spiritual successor to Bullfrog's 90's hit Theme Hospital. It's the only hospital game in all the intervening years that has managed to live up to the original's hit formula of sim management, quirky humour and sassy receptionists

There's been some pretty decent updates to Two Point since it's release, though, and the latest adds two pretty awesome features that I'll be sure to be checking out in an upcoming video.

Players can now give their hospital rooms a much more custom look and feel with the all-new interior design tools, from rugs and custom paintings, to different floors and even carpets, wallpaper, and other adornments. 

Even better is that along with this, you can create custom pictures, albeit with a little tinkering, and thanks to the newly added Steam Workshop support, you can share your custom creations with the world. 

I love the approach, some classic albeit simple and accessible modding in the form of custom images, something you rarely see these days. Heck, even Planet Coaster didn't adopt the custom images for signs and other items approach, so it's really nice to see here.

So check out the new updates now, and if you've not yet played the amazing Two Point, well it just so happens to be 20% off right now in the Steam Lunar New Year Sale.


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