Universe at War: Earth Assault

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Modifications UAW Expanded Edition Mod

Well hello guys. This is probably the first proper mod to be released for the Universe at War game. It contains a new faction called the Mil...


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Modifications The Hierarchys New Walkers

Walkers have never had such a boost.


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Modifications The Hierarchy's Mini-Walkers

The Hierarchy's walkers are all now shrunk down by a scale factor of 50%.


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Modifications UaW Global Constructors Mini-Mod

This simple mod adds buildable constructors to the global mode of UAW. Constructors can be built for all three factions, for all three fleet...


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Modifications Modified Units Mod

To install the mod - create a folder within the Universe at War folder titled "Mods", then then place the uawmod folder into the Mods folder...


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Modifications Global Territory Mod

This mod changes most of the scenarios in uaw global mode


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Modifications UaW Humans Rise

This mod adds human units to the game. the human units are located in the massari faction and contain: Rifle-Squad, Flamethrower-Squad, Miss...


Conversion Mods Alternate Universe - At War

This is a simple mod that makes changes to the Novus and Hierarchy races. The changes are wholly cosmetic and have no effect on game balance...


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