Universe at War: Earth Assault Patch



This file contains the Day 1 Patch for Universe at War

Patch Notes in Readme Section



Day 1 Patch Notes

    * Economy balance pass made on all MP and Global Maps
    * Unit pathing has been enhanced for all maps
    * Masari Matter Engine production build cap reduced to 5 from 20
    * Orlok's attack damage increased by 25%
    * Orlok mode swap animation times reduced by 50%
    * Orlok now heals while in Endure Mode
    * Both arms and shields of an Assembly Walker must now be destroyed before the core can be destroyed.


    * Disconnects and signouts are now properly reported to the victim user in Conquer the World matches.
    * Map start locations are functioning properly now after a user replays a skirmish session then quits out to the lobby.
    * Fix for occasional missing global dialog sequences between missions.
    * Fixed attract mode screen in widescreen
    * Focus is properly reassigned to the skirmish dialog when the player returns to that lobby from a skirmish battle.
    * Additional tweaks to speed up level loading
    * Polished Post Battle scenes - adjusted order on Aliens and widened text box for all languages
    * Fixed Russian speech files that were being cut off
    * Disabled saving replays from loaded save games
    * The redirection shield was not being cleared of bad effects by Novus Reboot. Fixed.
    * Silver players can now filter out Gold-only games and in-progress games
    * Added better support for disconnecting players in ranked games.
    * Added support for Gold-only list play games
    * Fixed an invite bug in list play games
    * Several multiplayer lobby enhancements
    * Fix regarding audio options not reverting in-game after pressing Esc.
    * Fixed support for earning Achievements offline
    * Subtitles are now defaulted to on for some languages
    * Various localized text adjustments and corrections

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