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Battlefield Vietnam Weekly Poll Results



Battlefield Vietnam Weekly Poll Results



Battlefield Vietnam Weekly Poll Results



Battlefield Vietnam Weekly Poll Results

Do You Feel The BFV Community Is Dieing? 57% - 242 - Yes, since BF2 was released 24.5% - 104 - It's slowly going that way 12.2% - 52 - I think it's still alive 6.1% - 26 - What are you going on about?


Battlefield Vietnam New Weekly Poll

The time has come for us to change the weekly poll with another question of ours to the community. Here's the results from the last poll that we had: Which game do you prefer? Battlefield 2 52.6% (394) Battlefield Vietnam 39% (292) They both suck! Why am I even here? 8.2% (62) Total: 748 Start: 08-03-2005 17:53 Last: 09-04-2005 08:26 Seems...


Battlefield Vietnam New Staff Member

Battlefield Vietnam Files Hello all, My name is Jnaf and I will be a News and File Poster. Hope to see you all around, ~-Jnaf


Battlefield Vietnam New Staff Member

Battlefield Vietnam Files Battlefield Vietnam files would like to introduce a new member to the Files network family. Let me find his name for a second...I had it here a few minutes ago. AHA! I found it. His name is...oh wait, it's ME!!!! Sexcalibur. For those who don't know me, I'm the leader/project manager rom the Battlefield Conversion Team.


Battlefield Vietnam We're Hiring!

Battlefield Vietnam Files BattlefieldVietnamfiles.com is currently recruiting for new and dedicated staff. The requirements are that you have and enjoy the game, you are dedicated to helping the community, and you have high-speed internet. We are looking for the following, 2-News posters: It will be your job to search fansites, mod sites, forums, an...


Battlefield Vietnam POTD Commenting Suspended

Battlefield Vietnam Files For the past couple of weeks we have had some problems with POTD commenting. So we decided to take away the POTD commenting. You (the community) lost this privilege because some people decided they didnt like the way things were in the POTD. So here is what Network Admins had to say: If there is one more insensible comment o...