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Capture the Flag CTF-SpillTheBlood-Rev

This is the final revision remake of the 1997 Quake 1 CTF map by Dale "Midiguy" Bertheola for UT2003.


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Capture the Flag CTF-FestiveWorlds v1.02

Christmas comes but once a year, as do my festive maps ;) This years NEW map is packed with new meshes and festive cheer.


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Deathmatch DM-(IN)DomeOfDOOM v2.0

I got complaints about how the map was kinda laggy, seeing that its a invasion map and loads of monsters tend to clog up bandwidth, i put up...


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Deathmatch DM-1ON v1.0

This map is a great flowing 1on1 map and plenty of eye candy and good power-up balance.


Deathmatch Box With Stairs

Box With Stairs is a simple, crazy map that is the epitome of originality. The map is a box, like a white room; but the map has a pedestal i...


Deathmatch DM-DoubleEgypt

FunMap based on a double funnel theme with egypt textures. Several movers and teleports garantee a fast gameplay. Suitable up to 12 player...


Deathmatch CTF-Innovatives

This isn't what you think it is. It is, in fact, a 1v1 deathmatch map which runs under the CTF gametype for reasons unknown (likely to d...


Bombing Run Relic's Keep

Ahh, there's nothing like waking up to a nice match of Bombing Run... I have to admit, I like the style of this map. Simple, yet at the...


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Mapping Tools DWeather2003

This pack contains a small assortment of new actors to be used in UnrealEd for UT2003 maps. Please note that they are not compatible with UT...


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Males Tomulus, Rise

(inVis)Tom created Tomulus, Rise. The skin is for the Human Male and comes with 4 teamcolors and a theme.


Anubans Tanga Girl 2006

Frankiler released his first skin for the Anuban Female. She´s named Tanga Girl 2006


Map Packs CTF- Sithnight Map Pack

Four small but spacious CTF maps, they don't have any weapons and are meant to be played with mutators that start you off with weapons....


Deathmatch DM-Weapon Base

As it is it in the name its a Weapon Base. There is 15 weapons including Target Painter, AVRiL, Grenade Launcher, etc.


Deathmatch DM-Kakutou

This is a fully UT2004-compatible update for the UT2003 Kakutou martial arts mutator. Works properly in both multiplayer and singleplayer, i...


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Capture the Flag CTF-Electric Fields

Electric Fields is one of the most heard and seen maps before the release of Unreal Tournament 2003 that lead the train of hype. Sadly for u...


Capture the Flag CTF-Fallen Moon

Once a lush and beautiful land, the fallen moon of A'Triana was home to the most beautiful civilization in existance. It is known that some...


Capture the Flag CTF- Helms Deep

My personal tribute to the second best film of all time, Return of the king being the first, Helms deep from LOTR Two towers, watch the tril...


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Double Domination DOM-Decks

Deck 16 BioWaste Refinery and Deck 17 Magma Refinery. Corrosion by slime... Incineration by lava. Two extremely dangerous facilities connect...


Deathmatch DM 1on 1 Sand Arena Light

This Map is very small, but perfect for a 1on1 DeadMach!In the Map is the Flack cannon, Shock Rifle, Minigun and the Lightning Gun, have fun...


Miscellaneous Tools Code Exporter

This is an application I wrote so I don't have to manually extract a mutators code through dos.