Can you hear it? The sound of yet another card from Creative Labs!

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This time it comes THX certified. I believe this is the first soundcard to boast that kind of props. According to the web site the basic stats are: 24-BIT/192kHz DVD-AUDIO WITH PURE 106 dB SNR FOR PLAYBACK, RECORDING AND 6.1 SURROUND GAMING. A blurb from thier website: [quote]Sound Blaster Audigy 2 delivers high-quality multi-channel recording and playback at up to 24-bit/96kHz and is the first PC product to offer playback of Advanced Resolution DVD-Audio at an astonishing 24-bit/192kHz with a stunning Signal-to-Noise ratio of 106dB, delivering spectacular audio quality that has now redefined PC audio standards. With EAX Advanced HD, 6.1 speaker support and Dolby Digital EX support, movies and games will be experienced with a breathtaking level of immersion and intensity, while SB1394 allows super-fast transfer of audio to external players.[/quote] No news yet on when or how much this puppy will cost, but maybe finally I can truely hear George Lucas's vision in 6.1 THX Certified, AEX HD, 24-BIT/192KHZ, DVD-AUDIO Surround Sound. Only problem is I still won't be able to hear the pizza guy when he knocks on the door at the other end of the house from the computer room. You can get all the good shiznit [url=""]here.[/url]
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