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Published by DoomStalker 18 years ago , last updated 4 years ago
Yes. is still in need of staff. It will work differently this time. Their is 3 positions available: File Poster, News Poster, and File/News Poster. Their is 8 total slots that can be fulfilled. You will send an email to me with the application filled out. I will review over all the applications and reply to the top 8 appliees(is that a word?). But remember, you may be one of the best, but I would like to have 4 file posters, and 4 news posters. In the email you recieve you will be notified that you are now Trial Staff. As trial staff you will have all the privlages of normal staff, but only for two weeks. Over the course of these two weeks you will be carefully watched by the rest of the staff. If you perform well, you will be put on the permanent staff. If you dont, well, goodbye. Below is a description of the jobs that are need fillin'. News Poster This job is easier than most people think. In this job you just try and keep in touch with modders to get the latest info on their mods, it's not really an everyday event, but you can make it one if you like. You can also post info on relevant UT2003 info and a variety of other news, whatever you find to be relevant or not so relevant. This job doesn't require a high bandwidth connection, so anyone can do this. File Poster All you have to do is upload files to our temporary FTP server, and use our FileOps server to upload to our FileFront servers and post the files to the site with a short (Or long) description and maybe a quicky review of the map, then add a screenshot and you're set. Broadband is a must, sinse you'll be trafficing every file that comes our way. You may not recieve emails from me right away, I will get alot of these and to reply to all of them at once will be a hassle. Here is the application you will need to send to me in the email. Name/Nickname: Full REAL Name: Desired Position: Any information you think might help you get accepted, put here. The more the better. That wasn't so bad was it? Its pretty simple, just email that application to me (filled out of course), make sure you can convince me to let you on. This is a simple process, please apply! Thanks to everyone who does, thanks to the current staff, 2004 will be our year! Current Slots Open- 7/8 Apply Now!
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