Found another map ripping loser!

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Earlier this evening I was notified by one one of our map reviewers that one of the ctf maps that we had here was a rip off of one of the levels that comes with the retail game. It was called The map that was ripped off was DOM-Ruination. The name of this a-hole idiot that did this is

Vince DiBerardino (Smoke)

Here is the readme in the zip file:
Created on Oct. 27 2002 by Vince DiBerardino (Smoke) CTF-IceAge2 DON'T USE CTF-ICEAGE....IT HAS A PROBLEM !!!!!!! This is my third map and thought i would try something more focused on terrian oriented. Playing off the land..... ;-) Other maps made by me are.....CTF-Face2k3 and CTF-Face2003 I hope you enjoy this map and have fun.....its been a blast learning and making maps at the same time
Here are screen shots of the maps from an overhead view. CTF-Iceage2 is on the top and DOM-Ruination is on the bottom. It's easy to see that all he did was remove the prefabs (the dark areas on the iceage2 map) and move a few trees around.
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All I know is this pisses me off, especially since he is obviously ripping off Epic, Digital Extremes, Infogrames and Atari! Feel free to email this butt head and tell him what you think of his fine work. I will be notifing all of our affiliates and other major sites as well as Epic and posting this at the Infogrames UT2003 General Forums. If you can't tell, I'm pissed off!!
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