Hyperthreading causing problems with Creative Labs Audigy cards

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Found this courtesy of 3DGPU.com: Apparently Sander Sassen did some indepth work to discover the cause of the stuttering in Audigy cards when combined with HyperThreading. It's reported that Creative Labs is aware of the issue and is working on a patch. When it will be released is anybodies guess.[quote]Here's my problem, both the Audigy and Audigy2 card that we're using in our labs have stuttering problems when HT is enabled. Whenever booting into Windows XP with Hyper-Threading enabled the welcome chime just stutters, the same happens when playing games, sometimes jolting the video. This is with the following config: - Pentium 4 3.06GHz HT - Asus P4T533-C v1008 BIOS - 2 x 256MB PC1066 RDRAM - ATi Radeon 9700 Pro - Audigy or Audigy2 - Promise Fasttrak TX2000 - 2 x WD800JB in RAID0 - Windows XP Pro SP1 - Latest drivers for everything I tried various options to determine a cause but sofar have only been able to determine that when HT is enabled it stutters and without HT it doesn't. Removing devices or moving cards around in different slots didn't help either, nor did dropping back to an older driver. Even a configuration with a clean install of Windows XP Pro, and no other drivers loaded but for the Audigy has this problem. So I'm really at a loss here, Creative Labs has not yet responded to any of my emails yet, not even my press contacts so I'm sure they don't have any answers either. If anybody has any bright ideas I'd be happy to hear them. Kind regards, Sander Sassen[/quote] Check out the thread [url="http://www.aceshardware.com/forum?read=80047527"]here.[/url]
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