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I just wanted to thank everyone who has offered their services to the UT2003 community by volunteering to work on the site. My E-mail box has been overflowing the past few days, and I really appreciate the turn out! So far we've recruited five new people, which is subject to change because we are still willing to take on more people, for things like News, but here's who we have so far: [b]Jnaf and The_exode[/b] - Site Admin[/b]: Jnaf and Exode are our new site admins, if you break the law (sic, not a typo) then they will be the one to hang ya out to dry. Their gonna oversee operations and going to make sure things run smoothly. [b]Pyrotechie - Poll Changer[/b]: Pyro's gonna help us keep our Polls from turning stale. [b]Szico_VII - News/Files[/b]: Szico's gonna cover our files section to make sure we get our files up on a more consistant basis and will also help out from time to time with some news. [b]IveGonePostal - News[/b]: IveGonePostal's gonna make sure we get the latest word on what's going on in the UT2003 community. [b]jdpc_luke - Picture of the Day[/b]: Luke's gonna keep those PotD's rolling out! Everyone give a big Thanks for everyone that volunteered to help keep our site alive and kicking, and I'll be looking forward to having a more stable and consistant turnout from the staff! [VSK]AgentSmith
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