Lengthy interview with Tim Sweeney and CliffyB.

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Planet Unreal has revealed a rather lengthy and informative interview with Tim and CliffyB. It's a good read and you can [url="http://www.planetunreal.com/features/ut2interview/"]see it right here[/url][quote]PlanetUnreal: UT2003 began life as Unreal Championship at Digital Extremes, right? Is it correct to say that UT2003 is almost a port of Unreal Championship, rather than the other way around? Tim Sweeney: Way back in 1998, we started on a multiplayer bonus pack for Unreal 1, which was initially going to be a free release, then a level pack, and then it turned into Unreal Tournament, a stand-alone game that way exceeded our expectations in terms of sales and the cool stuff the community did with it. So changing course during development is something we're quite accustomed to. As we moved to the PC, we and Digital Extremes redesigned the pieces of the game that didn't make sense in a competitive PC first-person shooter. The basic weapon designs, much of the art, and some of the levels were carried forward, but updated and tweaked. On the PC, the player movement speed is faster because the mouse gives you quicker and more precise control. On the Xbox, there is some weapon auto-aiming help. There are hundreds of little details like this where UT2003 was tweaked as a PC game, and UC is being tweaked as an Xbox game.[/quote]
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