New virus that make BugBear look friendly

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Found this over at [url=""][/url]: [quote]Malicious viruses are released every day, some proving more threatening than others. Today, Panda Software reported maximum threat levels on variants of the Oror Worm. Oror is a dangerous new worm which deletes all of the files in the infected computer's hard disk, as well as every network drive accessible from the infected machine. It also looks for files of antivirus applications in order to eliminate them. Panda Software, a leading antivirus software producer, warns that the recent outbreak of the Oror worm has been assigned a maximum threat level of 5 out of a possible 5, exceeding those of Bugbear which has dominated the virus lists. Today Panda Software released news that new variants of Oror reached maximum threat levels because of its potential for devastation upon infection. For further information on this virus, go to Panda's Virus Encyclopedia.[/quote] [url=""]Click here[/url] to see the full article. If you run McAfee AV, you should have at least version 4231 of their signature files. For Norton AV, you should have at least the November 6 release.
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