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Well, time goes by and so do files (wtf?). But here is the lowdown, this will be UT2003File's Year, and with this comes changes. After much studying of the scriptures and vast praying for several days, we have come to a conclusion of who is on the staff, and who gets the boot. Please say hello to the new UT2003 Staff! [b][u]The Staff[/b][/u] DuncanQuagmire - File Poster ironass jdpc_luke - PoTD LorDdisorder - File Poster Shuyin - File Poster Szico_VII - File Poster Syphir - File Poster Congradulations guys, they have been around a while and have done an awesome job, welcome to the team :)! As well, we had to make some cuts to the people who do nothing or havent done anything in a while. Sorry to see them go. [b][u]Former Staff[/b][/u] SureDeath Pyrotechie IveGonePostal We'll miss you guys, goodbye and thanks :). Well, that about concludes this chapter. Remember, this is our year, love your staff as you love the files! Thank you. Staff Page
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