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Taz sent this email into us, so I thought I'd post it as a news article so he can hopefully get some feedback. Here is what he had to say:
This is Taz, I've got a few things to say: 1. I'm thinking of making a CTF 'hit and run' map where either team can drive over to the opponents base, grab the flag, and escape. I'm willing to put a LOT of effort into making a really good map and those who have downlaoded my maps will hopefully know that when I do a project, I give it 100%. One thing, the current vehicles have 2 main problems; they have too much health and the spawning method is crude. If any modders are willing to partner up with me to create this map with custom buggies please E-mail me at [email]a51remsu@hotmail.com[/email]. 2. I need more feedback from people who have downloaded Redmoonfallsbeta. The main reason for hosting it here was so that I would get feedback and ideas for the final. The last time I checked, 435 people had downlaoded it, so I know it's fairly popular... 3. I'm going to focus more on CTF and BR maps, having already built about 4 DM levels, some of which are still to be released. If anyone has any requests for levels for CTF or BR please E-mail me because I make these maps FOR YOU, not myself. I'm just that kind of selfless guy :) Thanks all and frag safely.
If anyone is interested, please contact at [email]a51remsu@hotmail.com[/email] or reply to this news post.
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