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UT 2003 Halloween Skinning Contest

21 years ago, last updated 6 years ago

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I picked up this news story while over on [url=http://www.ut2003hq.com]UT 2003 HQ[/url] looking to see what I could "borrow" from [b]JeT[/b] and crew (lol) and see that they have a new hosted site dedicated to skinning. [url=http://fragface.ut2003hq.com/]Fragface[/url] has an excellent site setup and we hope to see good things coming from Fragface and his team. [quote]Frag Face is hosting a UT 2003 Halloween Skinning Contest. Your mission is simple, make the best Halloween themed skin out of everyone who enters and you win. Win what, you say? Well the respect and adoration of every visitor to Frag Face of course. What's that, not good enough? OK, I will sweetin' the deal... I don't have a lot of money. I run this site for free, in my free time. I know, I've heard that song and dance a million times before on the net too. HOWEVER, I do have a lot of junk... errrr... slightly used computer hardware and games that I'm way to lazy to post on ebay. I've got old... errr... classic computers, printers, keyboards, mice, games, and a whole mess of individual hardware components. I'm going to take everything I think still retains some value and put it all into a grab bag. The winner of a contest gets to pick anything he wants out of the bag and I will send it to him or her for free. Keep in mind, this stuff (for lack of a better word) may border on junk, but it's not free junk, you won it! It is therefore a prized possession, a trophy if you will. I will hold contests with various themes quite often, at least once a month, until the booty dries up, which could be quite some time. Along with their fabulous prize, a picture of the winner's along with his/her name will be posted up in that picture frame on the navigation bar. Submissions for the Halloween contest must be received by Thursday, October 24th at midnight CST. One week before Halloween so that I can take the best skins and put them in a skin pack for all the Halloween Fragfests that are sure to arise. For this contest I'm going to limit submissions to player models that came with UT 2003, I know this is a little limiting, but I prefer to think of it as inspiring you to be more creative. A contest page is forthcoming, but I wanted to give you as much time as possible to start working on your skins. Good Luck, and Have Fun.[/quote]

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