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This site is under some tuning up! First, all of us may have noticed that other FN sites have features this site doesn't. Well you might have spotted out now that I have added a Scrolling Link Bar which many other FN sites have now. Also I have added a tutorial Section which can be viewed on the left for the full tutorials to help others. Also I have fixed the LinkToUs page, but until we have our own logo I can't really edit it, if you can make one for us or have got one that may suit our needs with all pleasure send it in! Also the job application form is now working, which before wasn't allowing posts to get to our webmail, that is now fixed.
The only problem is that the story page does not work anymore, I don't know why but if someone knows what content was on that page please send it in! You might allready know but I posteda news article informing you people we are recruiting members to be dedicated staff. Well the positions are still availible so apply today! Also this has reminded me that we are running low on News/Downloads please send them in the sake of the site, many people do not visit sites with such lack of life. So please send in all you can! Thanks, Skierarc
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