Wahoo!!! Maybe AOL isn't the ISP Devil incarnate after all!!! Git them spammers!

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In a triumphant decision made for AOL against CN Productions, the courts of Virginia sending a resounding message to spammers every where:[quote]America Online (Quote, Company Info) has won a legal victory against a long time nemesis, CN Productions, which AOL has repeatedly accused of spamming its members with a daily barrage of pornographic e-mails. The ISP said a U.S. District Court in Virginia has awarded it close to $7 million in statutory damages in connection with its ongoing complaint against CN Productions, formerly of Rockford, Illinois. The company has been fighting for at least four years to get CN Productions to stop spamming its members. In ruling for AOL, a federal court also broadened the scope of a prior injunction AOL had won, helping AOL's quest to break the back of an international spam ring. The group has repeatedly sent porn-related spam to AOL members, the company charged, even after a federal judge slapped one of the alleged spam participants with an injunction barring the activity. ... The complaint charged that CN Productions and its conspirators had transmitted over 1 billion junk e-mail messages to AOL and its members; had accounted for 25 percent of all junk e-mail complaints about adult Web sites that AOL received over a two year period; had generated as much as $8 million in illegal gains; and had attempted to conceal its illegal scheme from the courts and AOL through "perjury, obstruction of justice, and elaborate, illicit, offshore financial transactions designed to purposefully circumvent U.S. laws and AOL's anti-spam filters." As the world's largest ISP with about 35 million members, AOL is no stranger to spam companies, especially CN Productions. In March of 1998, it named the company among its [url="http://www.internetnews.com/IAR/article.php/2541"]10 Most Wanted Spammers[/url]. It has won about twenty lawsuits seeking to shut spammers down, using federal copyright statutes, the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act as well as Virginia's Computer Crimes Act to chase away spammers. [/quote] Read the [url="http://www.internetnews.com/IAR/article.php/1557541"]entire article here.[/url] Git them spammers! Make 'em pay!
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