WARNING, mass mailing greeting card circulating the net

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And its totally legal. A mass mailing greeting card has been sent to millions and has begun swamping networks with millions of unwanted junk mails. [quote] The FriendGreetings electronic greeting card, which has all the hallmarks of a mass-mailing computer virus...is raising the hackles of the internet community. The email misleads a victim into downloading an application - ostensibly to view a web card - then sends itself to every email address in the victim's Outlook contacts file. At least a few systems administrators have complained in Usenet postings that the mass-mailing e-card was to blame for swamping their network. Yet the creators - Permissioned Media, a company apparently based in Panama - will be hard to prosecute: the viral card is protected by a licence agreement that tricks unsuspecting users into clicking "Yes" and consenting to have the program send itself to all their email contacts, as we pointed out when the scam first appeared.[/quote] Read the full article [url="http://www.silicon.com/bin/bladerunner?30REQEVENT=&REQAUTH=21046&14001REQSUB=REQINT1=56375"]HERE[/url]
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