Where's my UT2003!

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We've got some updates and thoughts from 'headup', the brand manager for Infogrames.
Ok - here's the deal... The date we've been working toward is October 1st. HOWEVER, we smacked our manufacturers around a bit and we hope to have the game on shelves in many larger retailers (US) tomorrow (Friday). This might not happen due to the unpredictability of what we're trying to do, it's like forcing an elephant down a small drain pipe.....nearly impossible and we don't know what'll come out of the other end. So - if it's not on the shelf of your store tomorrow, don't panic....merely withdraw, look at your girlfriend/wife/boyfriend/family/friends/clean under-wear one last time...........and you'll soon be riding 'rocket love'. Or you might be playing UT2003. The choice is yours, but I'd go for UT2003. Hope you enjoy the game......I want to see what you guys do with Unreal Ed and Maya. HDP
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