Yet ANOTHER Microsoft web flaw leaves users vulnerable.

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A new flaw in Microsofts Server and Internet Explorer program has been found which allowers attackers access to networks and gives them the ability to spread viruses and other mailicious code. [quote]The flaw, in a component of Windows that allows Web servers and browsers to communicate with online databases, could be as widespread as the flaws that allowed the Code Red and Nimda worms to spread, said Kurtz. It likely affects the majority of the more than 4.1 million sites hosted on Microsoft's Internet Information Service (IIS) software. In addition, millions of Windows 95, 98, Me and 2000 PCs could also be vulnerable to the software bug. Microsoft rated the flaw as critical under its new vulnerability evaluation system that is intended to lessen the number of flaws that receive a "critical" rating to help administrators identify the most important vulnerabilities to patch. "There is a possibility that it might be wormable," said Lynn Terwoerds, security program manager for Microsoft's security response center. "It is clearly critical...we want the patch uptake to be really high." [/quote] Go [url=""]HERE[/url] for the official Microsoft word on the flaw and [url=""]HERE[/url] for the original article.
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