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Animals and Monsters Azura

A neat new alien-looking model with a shader :p


Animals and Monsters Tux

Linux users unite! Betcha didnt expect this one now did ya =)


Animals and Monsters Moloch

EvilEngine has done it again. This is an original model developed by the master himself. Moloch is a sinister dude!. He featurescustomiz...


Animals and Monsters Jack Skellington

This is a Model of Jack Skellington , from the movie "Nightmare Before Christmas". The model is tall and spindly , which is something not se...


Animals and Monsters Oscar

"The character is some sort of robot , covered in sleek black armor , with patches of rust scarring its cool metal exterior". Oscar Is a...


Animals and Monsters Hull

Is this thing a man or a machine?


Animals and Monsters EVA01 (not so cartoony)

This is a version of the EVA01 character which is not really cell shaded... this one looks less cartoony.


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Animals and Monsters Moloch

New version of Moloch. Fixed his hood and hands as well as feet from deforming properly when moving. Also added blue and red teamskins. Hig...


Animals and Monsters BloodLust

Big ugly Ork thingy with claw arm.... Ouch!


Animals and Monsters Fused

Nice fully custom Robot character.


Animals and Monsters Massacre

Used to be for Quake 3 but now ported over to our favorite game:) Always liked this one!


Animals and Monsters osama dumb llama

This model is very well done and I think the author got the running animations down properly. Also note this skin is in the Animals and M...


Animals and Monsters NeoFin

Start Downloading now: Neofin is the very image of completeness as far as models go. This model has custom karma , custom CTF skins , and...


Animals and Monsters Skeleton

A higher poly version of a Skeleton for UT2003. Has much more bone detail than the standard skeleton in the game.~To be reviewed by the skin...


Animals and Monsters NeoFin 1.1

This is an updated model, the author has added and revamped a few items... Awesome!!! The Picture says it all. -CVROY


Animals and Monsters Effigy

Very nice model.~To be reviewed by the skin/model reviewing staff


Animals and Monsters Rags

This model was meant for people who is new to skinning.Its a very easy model to skin and it can help your skills as a skinner.~Recommended


Animals and Monsters Beast

Very nice model, Good design and creativity.~To be reviewed by the model/skin review staff


Animals and Monsters Effigy

Effigy is an original model, very much in the style of the cute Magdalena model I did together with Jason Sallenbach for Quake3. We both lik...


Animals and Monsters Kryzalizteddy

A beat up stuffed toy, not what you'd think would make a good model for UT2003, but surprisingly it's real fun to use. The skin is good, and...


Animals and Monsters Transformers Optimus Prime

Fearless leadr of the Autobots! Tranform and move out! Great model, comic and TV versions...plus an excellent voice pack! Get this...


Animals and Monsters SilverMoon Final

Cool wolf-like model for your Ut2003 blood thirsty killing crave:)


Animals and Monsters Silver Moon

We currently don't have a description for this file yet. It is available for download, and we'll have a description made available as soon...


Animals and Monsters Protoss

ATTENTION:This review may contain highly biased material , and does not necessarily represent the attitudes of UT2003files.com The Migh...


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