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Deathball DB-Meat Bowl

A Deathball field very similar to a soccer field only the field is made out of meat. There are two goals and obviously you have to score.


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Deathball DB-MooMoo

A narrow Deathball map with 2 ramps, 1 on the left side of the map the other on the right, and 2 field hockey goal shaped goals.


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Deathball DB-Rushed

Author's Description: This is my second map for UT2003 and my first deathball map. Known to warriors as the hell hole, this fiery pla...


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Deathball DB-Rushed Final

Known to warriors as the hell hole, this fiery planet, Rushed, is a place for warriors with hearts of fire and fists of steel. Beware of the...


Deathball DB-Diabolic

An exciting game of Deathball in a fiery hell hole.


Deathball DB-Live

A deathball map that takes place in stadium. Cheering crowds, floating cameras, announcers, a beautiful skyline and a blimp to catch...


Deathball DB-Hockey

Im not really a fan of DB as there is not a lot of killin in it :) but this map I like.... I found it quite fun. The design of the map is ve...


Deathball DB-Forest Hills

This map is a larger Deathball arena nestled in the scenic hills of Arborea. Jump pads towards the rear of each side add an element of spee...


Deathball DB-Starjump

A simple but challenging DeathBall arena consisting of the two bases and middle area being separated by nothing but empty space forcing you...


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Deathball DB-Warehouse

Your are battling it out in an abandoned WareHouse.You need deathball version 1.4b to play this map.


Deathball Ice Demon

Very cool (forgive the pun) and stylish. Not bad at all for a first time map.


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Deathball DB-TheWarehouse

This is my first map ever for UT2003. I made it for use with the awesome mod, Deathball. The level is a cleared out warehouse, with open r...


Deathball DB-The Pyramid

Features a small map with an egyptian theme. Very fast pased.


Deathball DB-Clearnight

This is a medium sized map, made for the UT2003 mod, Deathball. It takes place in some sort of small stadium, under a moonlit sky. To be fra...


Deathball DB-PeacefulNight

Very nice scenary in this map.~To be reviewed by the map reviewing staff


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Deathball DB-SmallEnclosure

New DeathBall map! To be reviewed...


Deathball DB-Chamber

Very nice ,egyptian themed map.~To be reviewed by the map reviewing staff


Deathball DB-SoccerMaddness

Very nice small and too the point deathball map.


Deathball DB-Basketball With Insanity

Very nice deathball map with an insane basketball theme ;)~To be reviewed by the map reviewing staff


Deathball DB-Hex

A deathball arena in a hexagonal style.


Deathball DB-Avenir

The famous Avenir has humbled many deathball players. If you want to be considered an elite deathball player you have to master Avenir.


Deathball DB-ShortNight

When the two moons are full, it's time for a wild night of deathball.


Deathball DB-Midnight

There currently is no description avaialable for this file. It's available for download, and we welcome your comments, feel free to add yo...


Deathball DB-Sunset

Ah, now this is a fun map! If you haven't tried Deathball yet, now's the time to start. The map's simple, yet effective design makes it a...


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