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Editing Tools UTBinder2003

UTBinder is a program that has the possibility to edit the user.ini and ut2003.ini of Unreal Tournament 2003. In my humble opinion, this pr...


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Editing Tools UT 2003 .ini Editor

This program will allow you to edit .ini files values. Very nice tool in both english and french. Click to enlarge http://www.gamin...


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Editing Tools UDE Script Editor

This program makes UnrealScript editing easier by highlighting syntax and providing other useful features. It also includes the full .uc sou...


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Editing Tools UT2K3 Microsoft Visual Studio Workspace

I'll just quote the author since this is out of my league :) I made a workspace for Microsoft Visual Studio and a quick tutorial on...


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Editing Tools UDE Missing .bmp

This .BMP file was missing from the original UDE release. Drop it in your UT2003/Help folder.


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Editing Tools WOTgreal UT2003 Support

Adds support for Unreal Tournament 2003 to WOTgreal (must have WOTgreal 2.7 or higher for this to work), for more info, check out WOTgreal.c...


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Editing Tools UCCC (compression)

Update: New version of the compress and decompress tool. It is for server and client use with .uz2 files. Use the installer in the zi...


Editing Tools UT Binder 2003

A very complete and thurough ini file editor. It has a lot of options.


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Editing Tools (Untitled) Image Utilities

Eleblend - Texture blending for terrain Ripple Rain - Alpha channel rain and water impact ripple animation Gradient Thief - Multicolor gra...


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Editing Tools Maps Converter(CTF)

Add CTF Flags in DOM, DB, Overload and BR maps.


Editing Tools MapsConverter100b5

This mod converts different map types into CTF maps, it's got a broad range of possible conversions. Including Excessive, Carry the Flag, F...