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All Files In Unreal Tournament 2003 Funtators
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Funtators Super Jump Combo

Adds the Super Jump Combo! (2 x left, 2 x right)


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Funtators Bullpuppy

Changes the Bulldog and the Redeemer into the Bullpuppy. There's still 2 annoying bugs in it though :) 1. It doesnt respawn. 2. It tar...


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Funtators Car Launcher

This mutator gives you a special translocator that launches normal beacons with the primary fire, and causes a Bulldog to appear above the b...


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Funtators Stealth (Eternal Invisibility)

All players are invisible during the entire game :) Good to rack up your "instagib the invisible invisibility lamer"-skillz ;) :dance:


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Funtators Null Gravity Corpses

This mutator makes corpses unaffected by gravity, floating and rotating in mid-air.


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Funtators HeadPack

Monster Head is 3 times the size of big head.Shrink Head looks uhm... small :)Just check the screenie below, it's quite funny ehe! Cl...


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Funtators Liquid Corpses

Zero friction for corpses, they will now slide along all surfaces. Neato! :beer:


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Funtators Heads Explode

"Heads Explode" is a mutator that lets your head grow. When it has reached a certain volume it will blow up and kill you and the other unlu...


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Funtators Halloween Jack-O-Lantern (BR Ball)

Silly little mutator that turns the Bombing Run ball into a Jack-O-Lantern :) Click here to Enlarge http://www.gamingfiles.com/scre...


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Funtators Cool Death

"Cool Death" is a tiny mutator just like "Slow Motion Corpses". But it changes the speed with that the corpses fly through the air in the g...


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Funtators Mad Bomber

Back Forward Back Forward gives you the speed power up for 5 seconds after which time you will self destruct with a redeemer blast. Your ad...


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Funtators Supa Slow Motion

Just a 2 second job modifying the slow corpse mutator, what ive done is just turn down the speed even more! so its even slower! lol...you s...


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Funtators Paintball

This mutator (paintball) a. deletes everything weaponwise b. gives you a paintball gun with 250 paintballs in it. c. all new weapon(inpul...


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Funtators Random Player Starts

This mutator makes players spawn pretty much anywhere on the level (to be specific, anywhere there is a PathNode). In team games, players wi...


Funtators ApocMatrixMoves

This is a mutator for UT2003 that adds the acrobatics of The Matrix to your FPS mayhem... It's a remake of the classic mute by Reactor4, M...


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Funtators MonkeyMatrixMoves

MonkeyMatrixMoves is everywhere. It is all around us, even now in this very room. You can see it when you look out your window or when you t...


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Funtators UT2003 RPG v3.1

This mutator adds a persistent levelup system to UT2003. Frags will give you EXP towards a levelup. After a levelup, you get a (configurable...


Funtators Target Practice

This mutator removes everything from the map and gives you a translocator, a shock rifle with infinite ammo, and a Drone Gun. Firing the Dro...


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Funtators Target Practice

Two practice modes: 1) Drone fires Shock Balls which you must combo. 2) Drone fires Trans Beacons which you must shoot with a Lightning...


Funtators Satore Monster Pack Beta 014

If you haven't tried this mod you should really consider it. The Satore Monster pack lets you customize your the difficulty of the waves y...


Funtators The Excessive Crowd-Pleaser Armoury Collection

This pack contains Excessive(Version 1)-compatible versions of the Crowd-Pleaser Armoury Collection weapons: for all the Crowd-Pleasing fun...


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Funtators Portals

This is one of Ut2003 best kept secrets!!! If any of you have played on the Wicked Game server you will know what this is:) Now it's bei...