Unreal Tournament 2003

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Mercenaries Gunter

Very nice skin. -To be reviewed by the skin review staff


Mercenaries Ivan

Really good looking MaleMerc, very good attention to detail. Overall, is a pretty decent skin!:) The other author of this skin is Goran.


Mercenaries Salex

He started his training in the early beginning of the Tournament and became one of the famous fighters of the grand Tournament. Later on he...


Mercenaries Psycho Skin

Psycho By Rorios Installation: Just Extract the .UTX File to your ...\UT2003\Textures Directory and Extract The .UPL file to your...


Mercenaries Carl

A simple Malcom skin by Rorios.


No Screenshot
Mercenaries Fartboy Skin

This file was based on the harlequin skin. I think that this is a "great" skin considiring it's his first skin.