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Celebrities UT2003 Troopers Clone

What can I say, Geist the new modeler for the UT2003 Troopers mod, is doing a great job. I can't wait to see the entire finished product....


Celebrities Gumby

Yes its gumby. The model is well built , and the animations work well. there is a clipping error between the gun and the model's head whenev...


Celebrities Homer

Its Homer J Simpson from the hit sitcom "the Simpsons".This Model has been created with great attention to detail(Homer's eyes are evenasymm...


Celebrities Xmas Homer

That lovable Oaf from the simpsons has found his way to the tournament , and hes dressed to kill for the holidays. This model is generally w...


Celebrities Beavis and Butthead

Those questionable morons have arrived , and now you can frag them to your hearts content. This small model pack comes with two models , Bea...


Model Packs Necris Males

This is a very nice skin pack featuring the faces of the necris males from UT. If Ut2003 came with the necris models, this is probably what...


Model Packs Necris Skin Pack2

This is a combo pack but mostly female necris. These are all different than the necrismales pack. This pack is an excellent compliment to an...


Model Packs Alcor Robots Pack

All Robots: Goldorak, Keekeelee, Megabyte and Robocop. Another site Model set.


Model Packs Zombie Pack

Another great model pack from EvilEngine , this time it's a jolly bunch of zombies straight out of a horror movie. This pack comes with a to...


Others Junk Mech

From the Depths of the New Jersy Dump.... comes this thing... one mans trash is another mans death:)


Others Rodgort

Well this is a model of...euhm a model of...ahm well ahm...whatever it is but it's nice:D


Others Eva

Features a nice anime character, your gonna love this one. It includes a cell shaded version and a normal texture version.


Others T-800 Terminator

T-800 Terminator for Ut2003


Others Bender Ut2k3

This is the second and final release of the Bender character from Futurama! This one includes a custom voice pack that is funny as hell!


Others Arkas

Another man or machine model, all custom, all great! This author did their homework.


Others Manga Spawn

Very nice model. I use this all the time, it has upgraded armor from the last time and man it looks COOL~ Note if you downloaded the manga s...


Others Stay Puff MarshMallowman

The Staypuff marshmallow man from the glorious days of inflated candies. The model geometry is average , with some minor clipping issues...


Others BangDoll2001

A model of Bangdoll from five star stories(?) This model is quite aesthetically pleasing. Geometry is moderately complex , and everything...


Others Vigna Ghina

Newsflash! Giant Robot with Irrationally Random Facing Thrusters Enters Tournament Against Modern Bots!~To be reviewed by the skin/...


Others Denan'Zon (Gundam F91)

A new extra enters the scene! Download now and you'll get bad textures absolutely free! But you must act now! This is a limited time...


Others Xenon10

We currently don't have a description for this file yet. It is available for download, and we'll have a description made available as soon...


Others ut2003mdl-TerrorMirage

Yet another character from the Five Star Stories anime series. The model's well made, but the screenshots appear to have missing feet on o...


Others ROKA

Anime Robotic Sweetness. So get it, love it!


Others Stomkes

Stomkes another fighter you don't want to meet on the battlefield.