Unreal Tournament 2003

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Animals and Monsters SilverMoon Final

Cool wolf-like model for your Ut2003 blood thirsty killing crave:)


Animals and Monsters Silver Moon

We currently don't have a description for this file yet. It is available for download, and we'll have a description made available as soon...


Animals and Monsters Protoss

ATTENTION:This review may contain highly biased material , and does not necessarily represent the attitudes of UT2003files.com The Migh...


Animals and Monsters Lucifer

Sweet looking model from EvilEngine :D Looks like a very nice model.


Animals and Monsters death in Trax

This hovering evil bot will be your worst nightmare! Comes in red and blue visor screen flavors. Great for CTF, TDM, BR and Deathball.


Animals and Monsters Beast FInal

The latest edition of this sweet model... this one was submitted to the "Make something unreal contest"


Animals and Monsters Terminator Final REV2

This is the T-800 Terminator robot , EvilEngine's newest re-re-resubmission to the tournament . This model is Absolutely Fantastic.End of st...


Animals and Monsters Barney

Hey kids, it's Barney! Yeeeaaahhh!! His big, he's purple, he's one big bad-ass mofo and he's gonna rip you a new one! Barney, the flu...


Animals and Monsters Mr Clown

Killer Clown from Hell and his kind of funny is you with a redeemer missle sticking out your neck!


Animals and Monsters Beluga

This is a really different model.... like the author says... silly and angry. I LIKE I LIKE!


Animals and Monsters Unipsycho Antix

All I have to say is WOW! Clever model, and it's great in game... this author needs to do some work for 2004:)


Animals and Monsters Hell Boy

Awesome model from a comic series and an upcoming movie!


Male Yoshimitsu

A new model from BODHI, pretty cool looking if you ask me~Ghost Rider


Male Goran

Goran. Elite merc, thought dead. Fitted with high tech Nano implants and reconstructed face. Riddled with vengeance, after being left by R...


Male Romper

Cloned from DNA, taken from the Merc group, Romper Stomper is King of Deatball.A champion of champions, he is the league leader, and has b...


Male Ninja

Features a transparent ninja. Very Nice.


Male Devastation Male **FIXED**

This one is the newest as of 6-14-03. Leg Textures fixed by EvilEngine.


Male Agent Smith2.0

Agent Smith model for Ut2003


Male Alcor_Darkness

Nice Model from an author who has brought Ut2003 many gifts:)


Male Sergeant Doom

Very nice model for Ut2003... spacey indeed!


Male Space Marine

Based on the Marines from Aliens.


Male Judge Dredd

This Is a model of Judge Dredd , from the comic book series of the same name.The Model is interestingly done, and has a uniqueness to it tha...


Male Elvis

The King is back and now he Rocks in a whole new way. This model represents Elvis Perfectly. The model itself is well made , and is up to s...


Male Fall Out Power Armor

Fallout power armor , yet another spacemarine/spacesuit model , certainly a familiar concept , but this one manages to be , at least , somew...