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Modifications Marble Mania 2003 v0.7

Marble Mania 2003 is a mod for Unreal Tournament 2003 inspired by the great classic arcade game Marble Madness. MM2k3 brings several new fea...


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Modifications Team Freeze 0.30

Team Freeze is a teamplay gametype in which players are frozen instead of killed. A frozen player cannot move or shoot, but they can cycle t...


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Patches Chaos UT:Evolution hotfix

This is an update to the first version of chaos.


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Patches Chaos UT2 1.02 to 2.0 PATCH (UMOD)

Upgrade Patch for Chaos UT2, from v1.02 to v2.0 Weapons in PR2 Crossbow - w/ normal, poison, flaming, and explosi...


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Patches Chaos UT2 2.00 to 2.01 PATCH (ZIP)

PRv2.0 to 2.01 changelog * Changed Version number * Added the telefrag fix for melee * Fixed issue with Liste...


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Patches UT2003 Linux v2225 Patch

Linux patch for Unreal Tournament 2003.


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Patches UT2003 Retail v2225.2 Mac OSX Patch

This is the MacOS X 2225.2 patch for Unreal Tournament 2003. It fixes someserious issues with the previous patch, and corrects some other mi...


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Patches UT 2003 Retail v2225.3 Patch (Mac OSX)

This is the MacOS X 2225.3 patch for Unreal Tournament 2003. It fixes a networking exploit. This patch will apply over either the original r...


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Patches UT 2003 v2225.3 (beta) Full Patch (Linux)

This patch brings the retail version of Unreal Tournament 2003 for GNU/Linux to build 2225.3. This will patch the game client and the dedica...


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Sound and Music Optimized Weapon Sounds

This mod changes the sounds of the Biorifle, Linkgun, Flakcannon, Rocketlauncher & Lightninggun!


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Sound and Music New SFX

Ok NewSFX replaces the impact sounds with some better more greusome and impacty sounds


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Single Player Demo Bulldog (vehicle) and 10 Mutators unlocker!

Wow! This little file unlocks the bulldog vehicle plus 10 cool mutators: - Arena - BigHead - Floaty Cadavers - Instagib (not Zoom Instag...


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Single Player The BF Jump

The Big Fucking Jump When you want to get just that little bit higher ;) With the BFJump, you can jump 100 times, with a boost of 50.


Total Conversions Air Buccaneers

For a full review of this game, and then some, check out the news link bewlow! http://ut2003files.com/file.news?ID=7268 News rega...


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Total Conversions Unreal Fortress 2003 Intro

A preview of Unreal Fortress 2003. Extract the files in the zip to your ut2003 directory, and then run ut2003, type 'open UNFintro' int...


Total Conversions Checkmate Beta 3

Checkmate is an online team deathmatch game which incorporates elements of Chess. In Checkmate, two teams are pitted against each other for...


Total Conversions Frag Ops Total Conversion

This is a total conversion mod for UT2003. It has just recently been named as a finalist in the Nvidia Make Something Unreal contest. Here...


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Total Conversions Frag Ops Patch V.1.35

Changed: - Increased base player speed according to community feedback - Decreased sprint multiple according to community feedback - Slig...


Total Conversions Archasis:Battle for Durian

Archasis is a total conversion modification for UT2004 currently under development. It draws the player into a world of archaic warfare inv...


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Mini-Mods DeathJVehicle - Easier Bulldog handling

A simple mod that makes the bulldog heavier, steer tighter and it's all-wheel-drive. Drop the .u file in your UT2003/System folder. Incl...


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Mini-Mods Attack of the Tentacle Creatures

Attack of the Tentacle Creatures is an Unreal Tournament 2003 mod that burns away the conventions of other lamer mods and introduces hot new...


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Mini-Mods Air Power

Jump in take off shoot different weapons, land and get out. there are several different planes from Fighters to Bombers, Transforming Figh...


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Mini-Mods SpeedUp12

There currently is no description avaialable for this file. It's available for download, and we welcome your comments, feel free to add yo...