Unreal Tournament 2003

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Others WidowMaker

No description provided. Author states in readme file to "see the website" but no website is listed?


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Others Shadow by Cool_Dude

Have you ever wanted to play UT2003 with a shadow. Now with this skin you have the option to do so!


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Others Transparent

Its a transparent skin! Good for camoflage and for confusing the heck out of ur enemies. http://www.gamingfiles.com/screenshots/1/fi...


Others Hunter

A bunch of randomly imported textures made this Frankensteine wannabe.


Others Karntceeme

You can have a good laugh with it. Becareful If your playing with Bots as Karntceeme will be there some where all your see Is the weapon he...


Others Clear a.k.a. Stealthy God

The skin will be completely clear, with the exception the gun that the skin is holding, and the shadow of the skin. If you are playin...


Others UT2003 Mercmalebskin SunJung

Okay, this skin scares me a little... It looks like an MSpaint specialty, with a Japanese/Chinese font slapped on it. Not much to say real...


Others X-Bot

This skin is one of the robot models, which has been reskinned to look like an x-box. It looks more like a black suit with green lines all o...


Others Bird of Prey

AUTHOR:Dru Tyson BirdofPrey Botpack E-MAIL: [email protected] RELEASE DATE: 12/25/03 EDITOR: Adobe Photoshop,Upaint,Ureal Edito...


Others Vorpeyl

This is a Komek recolor/reskin. Used Photoshop 7.0, UED, and some Upaint for reference on how to make this. 4 or 5 hour project wit...