Unreal Tournament 2003

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All Files In Unreal Tournament 2003 Packs
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Packs XPak (18 Weapon muts and Gameplay tweaks)

Woohoo, really nice mutator pack here folks, be sure to add this to your collection. I've listed the mutators in this pack below:Assault...


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Packs XPak II (9 Weapon muts and Gameplay tweaks)

This is RegularX's second mutator pack, and really, this one rocks a s well! This pack includes 9 new mutators: - Beam Cannon - Double...


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Packs XPak III (8 Weapon muts and Gameplay tweaks)

Note: Due to a small mistake on the developer's end, XPak II is required. Shame on you if you didn't have it alre...


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Packs XXX Pack

A boatload of mutators in one small download to change up the fun. Just look at the readme below and follow the instructions carefully.


Packs XXXPack

All I got to say is, this is a boatload of mutators. Just read the readme below for more info.